Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Interesting Day...

So Tuesdays are generally pretty normal, nothing too exciting except our weekly trip to the library. Well this particular Tuesday was anything but normal! 

Two of my first grade "friends" have been having a hard time following the playground rules after the recess bell rings. They were talked to before Spring Break, on numerous days, as well as yesterday by the teachers on yard duty. Yesterday the boys were told that they couldn't play tetherball for the rest of the week due to repeatedly not following the freeze bell rules. I have morning yard duty this week, so I told my friends they needed to play something else during recess time. 

As I'm walking around the playground, watching other kids play, I hear giggling behind me. One of my friends has a ball pointed at me, ready to throw! (This does not make me happy!) I tell him he needs to make a better choice with how he is going to play with that ball and to go somewhere else on the playground. I turned and walk a few steps when a ball ZOOMS by my head. (Definitely NOT happy now!!) I turned to see the other friend try to run away. I called them both over to me to find out what's going on (I turned into a 6 year old at this moment). When asked why he threw the ball at me, all I get is a shrug. Really?! So I ask, "What if I get the ball and throw it at you? Would you like that?" No. "Why? Because it might hurt?" Yes. "Well, I wish you would have thought about that BEFORE you threw it at ME." aaaarrrrggghhhh!!!! He got to sit out the rest of recess and had lunch detention. You'd think that would've been enough but no!

In the afternoon, my kids had a few minutes to read, play a math game or write on their white boards before we cleaned up to go home. One of my girls comes over and tells me my 2 friends are writing on the back of their whiteboards with their markers. Hmmmm. When asked to bring me the whiteboards, one of them is frantically trying to scribble on the back. Being the smartie that I am I have someone else bring the board over. My friend didn't get too far with scribbling out what he wrote. 

This is what he wrote on the back of the whiteboard, names have been changed (use your phonics skills):  
Bill and Ted sqwez Mrs. Tompkins boobs.

That earned both my friends a trip to the principal's office!

Anyways, I'm looking forward to and hoping I have a very BORING Wednesday. (Now, THAT'S a first! haha!)


  1. Oy vey. That's a bad day. Sorry.

    First in Maine

  2. Oh boy! Little stinkers! Hoping for a better rest of the week for you. :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. My jaw just dropped. Oh my. You deserve a weekend!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  4. Wow! The note I got from a student last week just said "I don't like Ms Dugan." So sorry for your tough day.
    Kelly @I'm Not your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher.