Thursday, November 6, 2014

Currently November

It seems I'm always late to the party! I need to break this habit. But I love linking up with Farley for her monthly CURRENTLY


Listening--to the kids watch the movie "Hook" on TV while I catch up with computer stuff. My daughter keeps saying, "I miss Robin Williams." So do I.

Loving--that I'm done with conferences!! Today was my last day...woohoo! 30 conferences scheduled over 3 days, with 4 no shows, and 2 rescheduled,! I dread this time and love this time of year. I dread having to do SO MANY conferences, but I enjoy talking with the parents about their kids. I've had some great conversations this week!

Thinking--I really should have worked out tonight but decided to make today my "rest" day. My daughter had a cross country meet after school and my son had baseball practice this evening. Seemed like a good time to just relax. My workout will be waiting for me tomorrow! :)

Wanting--to go shopping! I actually went last weekend after Pay Day...didn't get anything. GRRRR! Why is it that when I have money, I can NEVER find anything I want? And when I don't have money, there's so many things I want to buy!!

Needing--to get rid of all the Halloween candy in my house. It was really quiet in our neighborhood this year, not many kids out on Halloween. I think my neighbors must have dumped off all their candy onto my kids that night. We have piles and piles of candy on the kitchen counter and living room floor. I wish my kids went to a dentist that bought it from them by the pound.

Reading--Just finished the "Reasonable Doubt" series by Whitney Gracia Williams. (Noticed my typo above...jeesh!) Since my school days can be rather stressful, hectic, crazy, you name it; I like to escape with books. I'd rather not read something too serious when I'm away from work, which is why I enjoy some steamy reading. *wink*

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Have a great Friday and an even better weekend!!