Saturday, January 2, 2016

January Currently

It's January? Already? Jeesh, time sure does fly when you're stressed out, overwhelmed, going crazy, having fun! Joining in with Farley's Currently for January.

Listening: My son and I are watching the "Penguins of Madagascar" movie and we love those silly penguins!

Loving: These 2 weeks of vacation have been fantastic! Like everyone else, I'm sure, I needed time to relax and just do nothing and nothing feels amazing!

Thinking: It's hard NOT to think about school. My brain is ALWAYS running and school tends to be one of the main thoughts, whether I like it or not. I'm so glad that my principal doesn't open up the school during break. She knows how hard we work and how much we need time with our families.

Wanting: Another week of relaxing and recharging my teacher self would be wonderful! I do get an extra day--we go back on Tuesday. Yay for one more day!

Needing: Motivation to get things done. Haven't wanted to do much of anything while on vacation.

One Little Word: Time is so important. I am hoping this year I make more time for my family and for myself. 

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Happy New Year!