Thursday, July 21, 2011

Who doesn't LOVE shoes?!

Mrs. Tabb at Just Another Day in...First Grade has created a fun unit all about shoes! What's even better is she is giving away this unit for free!! Stop by her blog to see this cute unit and see how it can be yours. :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Obsessed with Vistaprint!

I found out about Vistaprint five years ago when my husband ordered business cards from them. I've been hooked ever since! I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things from Vistaprint. Some inspired from recent blog stalking and others on my own. I just discovered tonight that if you "like" Vistaprint on Facebook then you get a 50% discount on your order! Soooo, I couldn't resist one more order. I've linked up with Nancy at The Apple Basket Teacher to share my obsession. :)

mouse pad

business card

note card


business card magnet

business card magnet

note pad

sticky notes

business cards

sticky notes

Friday, July 15, 2011

Huge Giveaway at Ladybug's Teacher Files!!!

To celebrate her 1000+ followers, Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files is having an amazing giveaway that you don't want to miss! Kristen is extremely talented at what she does. She made my cute blog template! :)

Here are the prizes:

1. First name drawn (Grand Prize): A Mix and Match Template from Ladybug Teaching Resources, INCLUDING any offered extras. What is a Mix and Match Template? It is a new type of template that offers a great deal of choice and customization. Read (actually, watch) all about it here: Mix and Match Templates

2. Next 3 names drawn: Your choice of a Premade Template, INCLUDING any offered extras. You can see all Premade Templates here (there are two new ones!): Premade Templates

My most recent Target finds

Living so close to Target (about 1 mile away) can be a blessing and a curse! It's not unusual for me to visit at least 3 times a week, sometimes more! All trips are completely and totally necessary...*wink* wink*. So after reading and seeing all the fabulous finds from fellow teacher bloggers, I just HAD to get to Target! Here's a few things I got:

After seeing many of the Teacher Tipster's videos with all his amazing & creative ideas, I picked these up to make my own "Fame Frames". 3 for $2.50

Mini dry erase markers and erasers!! Love the little markers for little first grade hands. 3 for $1.00!! These same pens found in the office supply section are almost $4. What a steal!

Saw these pencil! I WILL find a use for them. :)

Puzzles in the Dollar Spot too! Love the real pics used.

Lined dry erase boards...$1.00!! I have my own fancy ones but these will be great!

Another find, thanks again to the Teacher Tipster! He uses these for writing ideas. So cool! The kids will LOVE this!

Pringles? Yes, I bought them just for the container; which makes my kids so happy! Using the containers to make "Tower of Power" games as seen on

Sentence strip dry erase boards! 2 in a pack for $1.00!! yay!!

My Target didn't have any cool pocket charts or table pocket chart stands which I would love to get my hands on!! Guess I'll need to keep visiting my favorite store until I see them. :)

Kristen over at Ladybug's Teacher Files is hosting a Classroom Shopping Linky Party.
Go check it out!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Mixer Linky Party!

I am one of the newbies to blogging but a long time stalker! hee!hee! Yearn to Learn is hosting a Blog Mixer Linky Party. What a great way to discover new blogs and share with other wonderful teachers!

In your link up find the following:

1. A blogger who is a "New Kid on the Blog"
(Let's say someone who has blogged 2 months or less and has less than 200 followers)

2. Post a blogger in your same grade level

3. Post a blogger in a different grade level

4. It's all about the button. Find a cute blog button and post it.

Here's mine--

*New kid--Krystyi from Teaching in Flip Flops just started blogging July 5th but has posted a ton of great things so far! I love her blog name and site design (yes, I'm partial to zebra print!)

*Same Grade--Sarah from First Last! another super cute blog design and wonderful ideas to share. :)

*Different Grade Level--Jessica from Ms. Winston's Teaching Blog has been teaching 2nd but is moving up to 3rd this coming year. She has an amazing class website and is the owner of another fabulous teaching site the Teaching Oasis. SUPER TALENTED!!

*Cute Blog Button--so many to choose from!! Alexandra from The First Grade Sweet Life has a cute button that matches her creative blog!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mrs. Owens' Fabulous Giveaway!!

Mrs. Owens is having a giveaway to celebrate 100 followers! Check out her site Go Fourth! with Mrs. Owens for a chance to win a wonderful thirty one bag.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mixed emotions at Target

So this is what I walked into when I went to Target supplies are out and in FULL force!!
They weren't here 2 days ago. I know because this was my third trip to Target this week. Seeing all the backpacks, notebooks, lunch boxes, pencils, crayons, etc. scared me. I've only been on summer vacation for 3 weeks! I'm not ready to go back to school yet! But seeing all these brand new supplies makes me excited for the year to begin. I love the smell of crayons and seeing all the new notebook and lunchbox designs! I wanted to buy, buy, buy...but I had control...for now! 

I DID buy this cute rug for my classroom! Not sure where I'll put it in my new room but I HAD to have it...

 ...because it goes with THIS!! I stole this from my mom. She got it at COSTCO but I needed it more than she did. ha ha!

Donna at Peace, Love and Learning is giving away an amazing birthday freebie! It's a birthday packet filled with all kinds of birthday goodies for your class! Hop over to her blog and check it out! Thanks for sharing Donna! :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Birthdays? Yes or No?

I'm interested to see what other teachers do to acknowledge students' birthdays in class. I have a small birthday flag that I hang outside the classroom door for the day.
I also have a 4 x 6 stand up picture frame that says, "It's my birthday!" that sits on the birthday child's desk for the day. (This is collected at the end of the day so it's ready for the next birthday child.) On the birthday child's desk I leave a birthday pencil, bookmark, and a new paperback book with a note signed inside by me. I've always allowed parents to send in a small treat (cookie or cupcake) to share with the class if they notify me a few days in advance.

In recent years, the treats have gotten out of hand and have become in some instances, an all out party! The last birthday we celebrated in my 2nd grade class was a complete surprise. A small snack turned into fruit smoothies for everyone delivered to the class by someone dressed up in a banana costume, while the mother passed out coloring pages and Ding Dongs to the class!

Not everyone brings a treat to share on birthdays (most kids' families can't afford it) but I'm noticing that kids are starting to expect birthday treats every time there is a birthday. So now I'm wondering if I should put an end to treats altogether or try something different. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Please leave a comment and let me know how you celebrate birthdays in your class. Thanks!