Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The 100th Day is coming!!

Next Friday is our 100th day of school! I have some BIG plans to make that day super special for my kiddos. I've taken some things off Pinterest (thanks to all who share on there!!) and I am working on a BIG, BIG, surprise for the kids. I'll post pictures and details next week when I get it all worked out. :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It finally feels like winter!

Even though winter started a month ago, the temperature here in California has been very Spring-like. The past 2 - 3 weeks it has been wonderfully warm and sunny (mid 60s). The kids and I have been enjoying every bit of sunshine! Well, today was our first real cold day (32 degrees), icy windows, frosty breath, and red noses. It reminded me of a great story about recess and weather.

Recess at 20 Below is the story about kids in Alaska who go outside to recess unless the weather is colder than 20 below. Brrr! The great photos show how the kids get ready for recess, putting on layers and layers of clothing in order to go outside and enjoy the frosty fun. My students love hearing the story--seeing what the kids wear, what they play at recess, and comparing their recess with our own.

Do you have any special weather books you like to share with your own class? I'd love to hear about them.