Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mini Birthday Bags

In years past, I've given my students a book for their birthdays. In my organized years I had assorted books pre-ordered and waiting to be handed out for the birthday girl or boy. In less organized years, I would be scrounging around (at the last minute) in my closet for any book I could find, and hope the birthday kid liked it (or better yet, didn't have it). 

This year I'm way ahead of the game! Yay!! I decided to make birthday bags...simple and cute. :)  I didn't put any candy inside the bags because of school always has them! Each bag (contents included) only cost about $1.00 to make.

The cute little bags go with my WILD theme.

 Inside each bag:  crayons,

a little notepad (some for girls & some for boys),

and some bubbles.

I got everything at Target except the bags, which I got at Michaels.

I finished these today, so I can FINALLY check something off my HUGE "to-do" list!!