Monday, April 16, 2012

Back to work...ugh!

Today was back to more Spring Break. :(   I really, really enjoyed my Spring Break after I got rid of my yucky cold. As always the night before going back to work after being off, I slept AWFUL!!! I don't sleep well to begin with but last night I had anxiety about having to go back to work, getting up early, hoping that behavior would be better than BEFORE Spring Break, etc. I probably got a solid hour to hour and a half of sleep. Not cool but I made it through Monday! The kids were very well behaved (BONUS!) but started to get antsy about 11:00 which is right before lunch time. I think I was getting skittish too! I kept thinking I should've been in my pajamas, reading my nook on my couch, all snuggled up in blankets like I had done last week. :)  Yes, Spring Break is done and gone. I'm over it! I'm looking ahead to what's left of the school year...which is 38 more days!! Woohoo!!! Summer, here I come!

How many more days left for you???

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