Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Say what?! A Teachers Inky Linky Party

So this is a whole new different kind of linky party...and I like it! Josh from Mr. B's Beach Brains is having a non-school related linky party. He wants you to share your teacher tattoos or just any tattoos you might have. I know there are a lot of hip teachers out there on the web, who probably have some cool let's see it!

Here's Josh's RULES:
1. Please use good judgment when posting pictures of your tat. If  
    it's in a place where we have no business looking at it, then 
    please don't. If it contains profanity or other vulgarities, please 
    do not post it.

2. Please DO share your pic and story as to why you got it and what it symbolizes. 

Here's my tattoo that's on the inside of leg, just above the ankle.  
It's not as bright and colorful as it used to be...when I was 21! I wish I had some cool story about why I chose it or how I got it but I don't. 

I was going to school at Cal State Long Beach and my boyfriend (now husband) and I were going to visit his brother at UCSD. We were in his brother's dorm room, trying to think of something to do before we went to Tijuana for the night (that's where college kids drink beverages...and have fun). I was looking in a phone book and saw ads for tattoo places and one stuck out in particular--The Avalon. So, we decided to check it out. Little did we know that you had to have an appointment (we were so naive) but we were able to get in. I had no clue what I wanted to get. At the time I thought a dolphin would be cool (soooo glad that I didn't get that!) but the dolphins I saw there were all scary looking or had mean, snarling faces. Yikes! So at the last moment, I saw the daisy design and  liked it. (See no special significance or awesome story! Totally random!) I was first to get a tattoo, my husband went next, and his brother just watched. haha!

My mom flipped out when she saw it. I thought I could hide it from my family when I went home to visit...WRONG!! She saw it first, called my dad at work, went to the neighbors to tell them what I did, etc. In my family, I'm the LAST one that anyone would've suspected to get a tattoo. Surprise! haha!

As for school and my students, they get a little shock when they see it and say, "Mrs. Tompkins, you have a tattoo?!?" and then that's it. haha! So parents, your children are safe with me! Your first grader will not be getting inked any time soon. :)

Thanks Josh for a different kind of party!


  1. Marissa - Thanks for linking & inking up! :) Just like you, I was the last person my family thought would get a tattoo. And I purposefully didn't tell them until after I got it! With my tat on my back, my students don't really ask about it, but a few of my kiddos found out about it by overhearing a conversation with another teacher.

    Thanks again for the link up!

    Mr. B's Beach Brains

  2. I love this linky!! I have 3 of them myself- 1 that is truly visible. When my students ask if it's real, I tell them it's a fake tattoo. The funniest thing is they actually believe that answer lol. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. cute! Isn't it funny when you get a new batch of students and they just stare at your tats?! I am your newest follower.
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  4. I have given you an award!! Happy Friday! Come to my blog to get it!!


  5. I love it! I want one so bad, but my children think it would be tacky for someone my age to get one. Who raised them?!!

    Owl Things First

  6. I love it! Mine is on my lower back. I've actually had students make comments about it (guess I bent down to far!) How embarrassing