Monday, May 28, 2012

Simple Spelling Fun

To help the kids practice their spelling words before Friday's test, we do something called "Quiz Me". One kid gets to be the teacher and the other is the student. (You have to use the words "teacher" and "student" because for some reason they don't think it's as fun if you just say test a "friend". ha!) The teacher has the list of spelling words and says a word for the student to spell. The student writes the word on his/her whiteboard and shows the teacher when done. If the word is correct, they move on to the next word. If it's wrong, the teacher tells the student the correct way to write the word and the student has to write it correctly 3 times on the whiteboard.  When all the words have been spelled, the kids change roles (the teacher becomes the student and vice versa). It's kind of silly what activities they love to do but if it's simple, fun, and they like it...then I'm all for it!


  1. I'm sure the kids love playing teacher & student. Sounds like a fun & beneficial way to practice spelling words!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. What a great - and simple - idea! Thanks!