Sunday, May 27, 2012

Open House

We had our Open House a week ago. We studied weather and the four seasons in our science units. Our classroom was divided into 4 squares--each square with a different season represented.  The kids had so much fun recreating the seasons in our classroom. Here's a few pictures of how our room looked that night for the families.

This is the view of spring as you come in our front door. 
(You'll notice some Pinterest projects of course!)

Summer comes next

Autumn is in the front corner of the room

Last is winter...brrrr!

The kids each made a paper version of themselves to sit at their desks. The parents loved seeing these. One of my students is a huge San Francisco Giants fan, so he put a Giants hat and orange shirt on his paper person. Well that night, he came dressed exactly as his paper person! It was too cute!! (Love the eyes on the girl next to his! ha)

The day after Open House all of the classes take part in a parade through the classrooms. This is the best part of Open House! It's so fun to see all the classrooms. The kids like to see their old rooms, the 2nd grade rooms that they might be in next year, and their siblings' rooms. Everyone's hard work was well worth it!! 


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  2. Wow, Marissa! I love your FABULOUS room! I am getting excited about decorating next year just by looking at your pictures. :o)

  3. I bet the kids love showcasing their smartness!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First