Friday, July 1, 2011

Birthdays? Yes or No?

I'm interested to see what other teachers do to acknowledge students' birthdays in class. I have a small birthday flag that I hang outside the classroom door for the day.
I also have a 4 x 6 stand up picture frame that says, "It's my birthday!" that sits on the birthday child's desk for the day. (This is collected at the end of the day so it's ready for the next birthday child.) On the birthday child's desk I leave a birthday pencil, bookmark, and a new paperback book with a note signed inside by me. I've always allowed parents to send in a small treat (cookie or cupcake) to share with the class if they notify me a few days in advance.

In recent years, the treats have gotten out of hand and have become in some instances, an all out party! The last birthday we celebrated in my 2nd grade class was a complete surprise. A small snack turned into fruit smoothies for everyone delivered to the class by someone dressed up in a banana costume, while the mother passed out coloring pages and Ding Dongs to the class!

Not everyone brings a treat to share on birthdays (most kids' families can't afford it) but I'm noticing that kids are starting to expect birthday treats every time there is a birthday. So now I'm wondering if I should put an end to treats altogether or try something different. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated! Please leave a comment and let me know how you celebrate birthdays in your class. Thanks!

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  1. I completely cut out the birthday treats a few years ago. I was concerned about allergies, but more so, I was concerned about how chubby many of my kids seem to be. So my class has been more health and fitness focused! We sing to the child, they get a ribbon that says Happy Birthday and they get a pencil. I figure kids get so much from their parents now that they don't need to have excessive celebrations at school too! I do love to make their day special, in a simple way!