Monday, August 4, 2014

Word Wall

Just a quick note about my word wall...I use Fry's 100 sight words for my word wall. I got my list from Fish for Words which introduces 5 words per week, going in order of frequency. 

I introduce the words on Mondays, and as a class we say them, spell them, chant them, you name it. Throughout the week we review the words with a variety of activities--games, writing them on our whiteboards, word wall detective (I choose a word, then give a few clues to the class to see if they can figure out my word), and writing sentences with them. I'm always having the kids refer to the word wall if needed when writing. I love overhearing someone ask, "How do I spell...?" and another student says, "Did you check on the word wall?" or "It's on the word wall. Let me show you."

One of the problems I've had with my word wall is being organized with my words, and getting them up each week. Some weeks I would already have the next 5 words written down and ready to go up. Other weeks I'd be scrambling at the bell to find my list, write the words, and put them up on the wall before the kids came in. This often led to me putting it off until the next day or the next week. 

But not this year! I've already written down all the sights words, on different colored paper, and cut them out by their shape.

I found this cute tin index card holder at Walmart.

I made dividers and numbered them by week.

I then used my list to sort the words, 5 per week, behind the correct divider.

And to finish it off, I FINALLY figured out how to use my Silhouette Cameo. ( I won't tell you how long it took or how many cuss words were shouted.)


  1. Hey Marissa, I'm moving to first grade this year and I was wondering why some teachers cut their words in shapes and some just cut out regular. Do you know the reasoning behind the shapes? Thanks!

    Little In Betweens

    1. I cut around the words because then the kids can see that the letters aren't all the same size, which is important when they're writing. Certain letters touch the top line, while others hang below the bottom line. When I introduce the words I always point out which letters "touch the sky" or "hang down". I reinforce this when we are practicing our handwriting and when we are writing as a class. Hope this helps!