Saturday, September 10, 2011

Totally and utterly horrible...

blogger!! Yep, that's me. I can't believe how much going to back to school has overwhelmed me! Going back to first grade after teaching 2nd for so long has been a big adjustment. I LOVE first grade but man, am I tired!!! Learning a new math program and reading program has been a day to day thing for me. I'm jealous of my friends who do lesson plans for the week. For now, I'm on a day to day planning schedule until I find my flow again.

I have a wonderful group of students...27 in all! I'm lucky enough to have my son in my class. It has been so nice to share our day together. I enjoy getting to see him with his friends and learn new things. Having him in my class makes me want to do my best, every day! Also, seeing what everyone else is doing by reading their blogs, sharing ideas, getting some great advice, etc. has inspired me to make this a wonderful year. Thanks to everyone who has a blog, reads my blog, and supports us teachers!!!

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