Monday, June 8, 2015

Open House

My class decided they wanted to learn about the rain forest. We came back from Spring Break and the madness began. The kids were so excited and eager to learn all about this wonderful habitat. Each rain forest book I read, ended with applause by my class. Their excitement carried over into each activity we did. I got excited when they got excited, which made for an interesting 5 weeks. 

Here are some pictures from that night--

This pic of one of my students welcomed everyone to our room.

This was the view from the door of my room looking in.

Our silly sloth writing

Here's a close-up

Some of our rain forest explorers

The kids liked reading the riddle to their parents.

A little river out for the piranhas!

More explorers

The view from my backdoor.

The parents loved the paper version of their child sitting at the desks.

Student work

Some plants from the rain forest (a bromeliad on the left, can't remember the one on right). Lots of pics on table from my trip to Costa Rica with many animals we learned about.

We made 2 graphs: the yellow stickers represent my students and during Open House their families added pink stickers to show their favorites. We enjoyed comparing and seeing what the favorites were!

Each student did an animal research  report.

Making the animals was a favorite activity for all the kids!

This is what was on each student's desk.

The kids couldn't believe how much their writing improved over the school year!


The kids made up their own rain forest word problems using addition or subtraction.

So there's a peek into my classroom. Hope you enjoyed it! I was so proud of the kids and all the wonderful work they did! Their families LOVED everything we did too. 

Now it's time to enjoy Summer vacation!!


  1. Wow! Your classroom looks AMAZING! One of my friends at school has a jungle themed classroom as well- I am MOST definitely sharing this with her, I think she would find so many fantastic ideas to use. On another note- I can't even take the Silly Sloth writing. How fun and creative! Love! Thanks for sharing!

    Real Life in First Grade

  2. Melissa--Thanks so much for the kind words and for stopping by my blog!!

  3. This is amazing! I love how you transformed your classroom around the theme of the rainforest and showcased all of the learning that took place in your unit. My school is super small and has never done Open House, but we may be doing it for the first time this school year. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Teaching in the Tropics

    1. Thanks Kristi! I visited your really do teach in paradise!