Monday, July 29, 2013

Whooo has a NEW classroom theme?!

I do! I've been WILD for 8 years, which is long overdue for a change. I've decided to go with owls. When school got out for summer, I knew I wanted to make a theme change. Everywhere I went, I was seeing OWL stuff--fabric, notebooks, cups, border, die cuts, pictures, etc. It's like it was hitting me right in the face! 

My creative sister, Christa (Sweet Life of Second Grade), was busy making some themes for herself and friends. Lucky for me, she was creating some OWL themed cuteness! Here's a peek at just a few of the super cute things she's made for me and my classroom. The set is from her "It's An Owl-Standing Classroom Theme 2" on her TeachersPayTeachers page. Check it out!

These are some of the numbers for my calendar and some "Happy Birthday!" tags to note student birthdays.

Here are the letters for my word wall and the months of the year for my calendar.

The cute alphabet line to go above my whiteboard.

Tens frame posters and table signs to hang over table groups.

I'm going to use these colorful birthday tags for my student birthday bags. Love them!

I am LOVIN' my new homework folders!!

This theme has cute little owls, of course, and bright colors that I was looking for. I can't wait to start decorating my classroom for the new school year! Thanks sissy for the OWL-standing new theme!

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  1. Owls are super popular right now. Yours are really cute! Good luck converting to your new theme. They say people are ready for change about every 7 years so you are about on track with things. lol